Can I try out the learning before I buy it?

We will provide you with as much information as possible on the course profile, where you can find a promotional video, text presentation and course topics and student evaluations. You will even be able to have a sneak peek at some lessons before enrolling.

Do I need to register to enrol?

Yes, because we will be able to identify you next time and make sure that you have already bought the course by your registered user account. This way we can make the course materials available to you anywhere, anytime.

How can I register?

It is very simple. You can sign in using your Facebook or Google account, or simply by entering your email address during checkout.

How can I pay?

Az online érettségi felkészítők megvásárlása, illetve elérése is a Webuni.hu rendszerén keresztül történik. A Webuni.hu rendszere az online fizetési módokat, a kártyás és a PayPal-os fizetést támogatja. Ha nem rendelkezel ezek egyikével sem, akkor vedd fel velünk a kapcsolatot az info@cubixedu.com email címen, és kitalálunk valami megoldást!

Online payment? Shouldn't I be scared of it?

No, since online language courses are also purchased and accessed through Webuni.hu. You can be assured by the fact that Webuni.hu is used by more than 13,000 people. If they haven't had a problem so far, you won't either!

How can I access the online language exam preparation courses?

As the name suggests, you can find them online. You can take online language exam courses on Webuni.hu. Once you have enroled in the language course of your choice, you can access the website of the course you have chosen.

When will I receive it?

You will get access to the online materials immediately after purchase.

How can I access the course later on?

You will be able to access your purchased online final exam preparation course at any time afterwards by logging in via erettsegi.webuni.hu or webuni.hu, and we will also send you the exact contact details of your course by e-mail.

How difficult is it to use Webuni.hu?

Rather ask how easy is it to use!? Webuni.hu has been used by more than 13.000 learners from teenagers to seniors. You'll have no problem with it either! If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to contact us at info@cubixedu.com e-mail address!

Am I completely on my own in my studies?

Not at all! By enroling in our online final exam preparation courses, you will be part of an internal community where you can share your experiences with each other or even communicate with the teacher directly.

How much data traffic does all this require?

This depends on the type of content. Videos may require the most data, but we have tried to optimised them to use as little data as possible.

On which mobile devices can I access the courses?

Thanks to the responsive design of the language exam courses, you can access them on any kind of smart device, even smart phones or tablets.

Is there a mobile app?

Of course there is! You can download the Webuni iOS mobile app from the AppStore: itt. The Android version is under development, so you'll have to wait for that a bit longer.